Grow your practice

with a streamlined

digital solution.

The world of dentistry is moving forward, and

customer expectations are changing.


of your patients could benefit from straighter teeth1.


of prosthodontic procedures could benefit from pre-treatment tooth alignment2.

Invisalign Go is a simplified and streamlined solution designed for GPs, enabling doctors to offer comprehensive treatment through minimally invasive dentistry and space management before restorative procedures.

The digital workflow gives doctors more control over accuracy and eciency of tooth movement - the 3D virtual software works like a GPS, allowing doctors to navigate more precisely.

By incorporating Invisalign Go treatment and the iTero Element Intraoral Scanner to your everyday practice, you can give your patients the modern digital experience they expect and the better, brighter smiles they want.





• Practice growth

• Higher case acceptance

• Minimise doctor chair time

• Team empowerment

• Comprehensive dentistry

• Made for your everyday practice

• Tackles the complexity for GPs

• Mobile every step of the way

• Integrated chairside experience

• Increased predictability

• Precise control

• Digitalised workflow

1. Brunelle, et al. Journal of Dental Research. February 1996; and NHANES data.
2. Data on File at Align Technology as of Sept. 20, 2017. Based on survey data of current Dental Practitioners in the USA, doctors (n=251) were asked “What percent of the patient cases for prosthodontic procedures (i.e., veneers, implants, bridges, partials) would have benefited from a better initial position of the teeth?” (n=251). An average of 45% was developed from the doctor’s responses.